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Manual car wash - cosmetics, engine wash, chassis wash - starting from 22 PLN

We have put at your disposal a manual car wash offering:

  • car body washing,
  • washing the engine,
  • washing the undercarriage,
  • upholstery washing,
  • leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance,
  • varnish polishing,
  • paint protection against external agents.

We guarantee full satisfaction with the services we provide.

RS-Service uses only the highest quality agents of SONAX, SWISSVAX and CHEMICAR brands.

The currently used varnishes, composed on the basis of water, create a high risk of damage to the varnish surface as a result of improper cleaning of the vehicle. Only with a manual car wash, in which the highest quality agents are used, with trained personnel and appropriate procedures, it is possible to avoid damage to your vehicle.

Washing the engine and chassis.

Our car wash is equipped with an elevator, which we use to wash the engine.

Before washing a sensitive element such as the drive unit and in particular the surrounding electronics, the car is prepared for it by a mechanic. We dismantle all the covers and protect the sensitive elements and then we dry them. The result is a perfectly clean engine, with no chance of water damage. Washing the engine is recommended especially in situations where there are problems with leaks of operating fluids. After driving about 200 - 300 km after washing we can diagnose the source of leakage with a nearly 100% probability.

A drive unit without leaks is safe for the environment.

Our car wash has appropriate filters and separators to prevent the release of poisonous substances into the environment. All hazardous contaminants are disposed of by specialized companies.

What do we do with your car when it is being washed?

The vehicle is flushed from the outside with warm water. If the vehicle is heavily soiled, a special liquid is used in addition (in winter - dissolving salt; in summer - organic dirt). After removing impurities such as dust or sand particles, manual washing with the use of SONAX cosmetics and tools (shampoo, sponges) takes place. Precise manual washing of the car body also includes invisible elements, in particular door and luggage thresholds.

The car is then rinsed again with osmotic water* and upon request wiped dry with chamois leather cloth.

Quality control is carried out at every stage. We pay special attention that the sponge, which may contain dust and sand particles, is not used to clean the varnish.


Why is it worthwhile to protect the paint with wax?

The wax has a protective role against sunlight and adverse weather conditions, gives a glossy finish to the paintwork.

Machine waxing

The wax is applied hot, under pressure, using Karcher machines (protection for one to two weeks). SONAX Formel wax is evaluated by specialists as being six times more effective than basic wax. It lasts longer on the paint surface - the protection lasts about 6 weeks.

Manual waxing

Manual waxing followed by manual polishing is considered to be the most durable way to protect the car body - it lasts more than three months.

Interior cleaning


All rubber car mats are removed and machine-washed and rinsed. The vehicle is vacuumed with a high-powered industrial vacuum cleaners with appropriately profiled tips to reach the most inaccessible places.

Windscreen washing

All glass panes are washed on both sides with appropriate degreasing preparations.

Internal plastic cleaning

All plastic and leather elements are cleaned, according to the customer's wishes, either glossy or matt.

Glossing of exterior plastics and tyres

All plastic parts of the bumpers, mirrors, strips and tyres can be maintained and polished upon request.

Odour neutralising
(animal odours, nicotine, etc.)

Upholstery (armchairs, ceiling lining, door sides and floor) are sprayed with SONAX odour trap. Unlike air fresheners (which only temporarily suppress unpleasant odours), SONAX effectively eliminates them.

In addition, we offer odour removal by ozonation**.

Protection against frost

All door and luggage gaskets and locks are lubricated with SONAX preparations in order to protect against freezing.


*Osmotic water is free of any impurities and minerals, rinsing the car with osmotic water does not require wiping and intensifies the effect of waxing.

** Ozone treatment is described in detail in the tab "Air conditioning service - disinfection of the air conditioning system".

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