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Diagnostics and maintenance of brake system, ABS, ESP

We provide full service of brake systems from venting the brake system, replacing rotors, pads, shoes, cylinders, drums, brake fluid, to diagnosing and removing errors in ABS and ESP systems.

We have devices enabling replacement of brake pads in new Audi and VW models with electric brake calipers.

Our advisers

Łukasz Wąsowicz
+48 537 336 653

Piotr Stankiewicz
+48 536 009 251

Dawid Ćwikła 
+48 536 183 501

Paweł Wawrzaszek
+48 536 029 802

Bosch Car Service

We are part of the Bosch Car Service.

We guarantee a comprehensive car care service.

Visit us and keep going!

Vehicle Inspection Station

Our vehicle inspection station in Wroclaw performs technical inspections of cars up to 3.5 tons in various scenarios.

Whether it is:

  • Registration of a car from abroad?
  • 4x4 drive check?
  • Legalization of a towing hook?
  • Car registration detained?
  • Maintenance visit?
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