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Air conditioning service - disinfection of the air conditioning system

A/C Cleaning Wrocław

In order to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation of the A/C system, it should be inspected every year during a periodical check, and the dust filters replaced.

We only use original Bosch activated carbon filters, which have the advantage that they stop chemical contaminants such as poisonous exhaust fumes, which surround us while standing in traffic jams, causing the driver to tire more quickly. A dust filter with accumulated dirt loses its properties and reduces the effectiveness of ventilation in a car, causing an underheated interior and steamed-up windows in winter and reducing the efficiency of air conditioning in summer. Also, all kinds of fungi and moulds develop on the moistened surface of the filter, particularly dangerous for people with allergies. That is why it is so important to replace the dust filter together with disinfection of the air conditioning system.

A/C Disinfection
Microbiological decontamination - Ozone treatment of the ventilation system and interior

Water vapour from the flowing air condenses on the surface of the air conditioning evaporator. The presence of moisture creates particularly good conditions for the development of highly allergenic moulds, fungi and bacteria, the presence of which causes a musty smell in the car and creates the risk of various diseases and infections. Disinfecting chemicals are effective, but there are places in the A/C system where you cannot apply them. Ozone reaches everywhere, positively affects the ventilation system and the entire interior of the car. It destroys microorganisms, fungi, moulds, bacteria, and thanks to its strong oxidizing effect it eliminates unpleasant organic and inorganic odors, including the smell of cigarette smoke. Our company has a highly efficient ozone generator used to disinfect the air conditioning of industrial premises and hotels. Such a device guarantees high efficiency of the treatment. The cost of the service is 120 PLN.

A/C Cleaning Wrocław

Once a year it is recommended to thoroughly clean the evaporator and the entire air conditioning system. The cleaning chemical agent has an effect on fungi, moulds and bacteria. It rinses mainly the surfaces of the air conditioning evaporator. After rinsing, a protective film forms on the surface of the evaporator, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms for a longer period of time. After washing the evaporator, the ventilation system and the interior of the whole vehicle are ozonized. In this way we get freshness and cleanliness of the air for a longer time. The cost of the service is 150 PLN.

A/C Maintenance Wrocław

It is recommended that at least every two years, and in the case of intensive use every year, to perform full service and maintenance of A/C. This is very important because an efficient air conditioning system loses up to 15% of its refrigerant as a result of natural evaporation within a year, leading to a reduction in air conditioning efficiency initially and a complete stoppage thereafter. In addition, the A/C working agent distributes a lubricant to seal the compressor and reduce the wear and tear on its moving parts. Therefore, quick removal of the refrigerant leaks prevents serious system failures and eliminates costly repairs, e.g. replacement of a worn compressor. The compressor oil and coolant are changed during maintenance of the A/C.

During maintenance the tightness of the entire system is checked, including: the operation of the compressor, fans, control systems, the fasteners, the patency of the water drainage system. In case of doubt as to the tightness of the system, the so-called contrast is added to the working agent, which leaves a trace where a possible leakage occurs.

In a passenger car, the cost of A/C maintenance with replacement of refrigerant and compressor oil is about 230 PLN.

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