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  • We offer comprehensive repair of suspensions, replacement of shock absorbers and other elements responsible for the comfort and safety of driving.

    Suspension diagnostics, shock absorber efficiency tests
  • We provide full service of brake systems from venting the brake system, replacing rotors, pads, shoes, cylinders, drums, brake fluid, to diagnosing and removing errors in ABS and ESP systems.

    Diagnostics and maintenance of brake system, ABS, ESP
  • When replacing the camshaft in your car we will use parts of the highest quality while maintaining a competitive price.

    Replacement of camshaft systems
  • Rotor turning, also known as resurfacing, is a method that works well if the rotors are worn to a minimum extent, e.g. corroded or twisted.

    Turning the brake rotors on the vehicle
  • The scope of RS Serwis services also includes the replacement of the clutch in Wrocław. Thanks to access to professional equipment and highly qualified mechanics, we are able to provide these services quickly and with particular emphasis on precision and durable effects.

    Replacement of clutches, repair of gearboxes
  • Road accidents are a frequent, direct cause of vehicle damage, which has already put many drivers to substantial expenses. Therefore, it is worth choosing RS Serwis services and take advantage of professional car body work in Wrocław without having to overpay.

    Removing vehicle damage
  • We only use original Bosch activated carbon filters, which have the advantage that they stop chemical contaminants such as poisonous exhaust fumes, which surround us while standing in traffic jams, causing the driver to tire more quickly.

    Air conditioning service - disinfection of the air conditioning system
  • As a car shop with many years of experience, we have access to excellent technical facilities, which include reliable equipment and proven, modern software. Automotive electronics has no secrets from us.

    Motor and electronics diagnostics
  • As a professional car shop, we carry out detailed periodic inspections, making sure that your vehicle is in the best possible technical condition. We have all the necessary tools for effective diagnostics, so we can easily find any failures and faults that could reduce driving comfort and road safety.

    Periodic inspections, oil service
  • The professional RS Serwis offer also includes an inexpensive tyre service, to allow you to enjoy your car's tyres all year round. Thanks to many years of experience, as well as access to a highly qualified team of professionals, the tyre exchange provided by us in Wrocław stands at a very high level, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    Tyre service
  • The currently used varnishes, composed on the basis of water, create a high risk of damage to the varnish surface as a result of improper cleaning of the vehicle. Only with a manual car wash, in which the highest quality agents are used, with trained personnel and appropriate procedures, it is possible to avoid damage to your vehicle.

    Manual car wash - cosmetics, engine wash, chassis wash - starting from 22 PLN
  • If you do not want to waste space on storing seasonal or extra sets of tyres with or without rims, we encourage you to use our Hotel for tyres :)

    Tyre storage room - Tyre hotel

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Bosch Car Service

We are part of the Bosch Car Service.

We guarantee a comprehensive car care service.

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Vehicle Inspection Station

Our vehicle inspection station in Wroclaw performs technical inspections of cars up to 3.5 tons in various scenarios.

Whether it is:

  • Registration of a car from abroad?
  • 4x4 drive check?
  • Legalization of a towing hook?
  • Car registration detained?
  • Maintenance visit?
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